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We want to help you make your work life as healthy as possible so that the rest of your life is happy, active and long. We need to consider the ways in which we work and how it has begun to affect our health. As individuals there things we can do to make our workspace more healthy. Healthy Office World brings you articles and product reviews that promote healthy office practices and environments. Our mission is to help you make informed and intelligent decisions about your work environment.

So, they say that sitting is the new smoking and we couldn’t agree more. This is where Healthy Office World has chosen to start in helping to revolutionize our work lives. Office workers can spend anywhere from seven to 10.5 hours a day on average sitting at their desks. Sitting has been shown to be detrimental to our back health and circulatory system. It also increases our predisposition to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and weight gain. In fact, all of our bodily functions tend to slow down when we are sitting and sedentary for too long. Our muscles become sluggish and slow down pumping fresh blood and oxygen through to the brain. This, in turn, does not allow the release of beneficial chemicals to be alert, productive and creative. In fact, sitting is killing us, slowly and effectively and it has a name, it is called Sitting Disease.

Heart health is compromised by sitting by increasing our blood pressure and elevating our cholesterol. People who live a sedentary lifestyle have greater risks of having cardiovascular disease. When our muscles are idle the cells do not respond well to insulin and can lead to diabetes and other diseases. Sitting for long periods also affects blood circulation in the legs and can lead to swollen ankles and possibly blood clots. A healthier heart and stronger muscles all lead to better productivity at work and at home.

Office productivity is another area that suffers due to sitting all day. If sitting is sedentary then standing is the opposite and truly adds to the creative and productive output of working. A healthier lifestyle coupled with a healthier workplace can ensure less sick days and even possibly extending your life.

We all want to live healthy and productive lives and the best way to start this is by joining us by getting up off your chairs and taking charge of your workplace health. Your brain, heart, muscles and organs will thank you and perform better for you to live a long and fulfilled life.

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